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Enjoy the best photography experience with our superior drone camera products. 2tx1 is providing you a variety of remote control drone cameras to capture your memorable events.

Drone Camera With 4K/1080P HD Wide Angle Camera

The demand for wide angle drone cameras is increasing day by day due to its innovative and convenient application. We are also offering you reliable cameras with excellent features to record your celebrations.

  • Wide-angle camera having dimensions of 11cm-30cm.
  • Constructed with weather-resistant metal or plastic
  • Suitable for capturing pictures or live videos from a remote distance of 200-300m.
  • Wide-angle drone camera linked with the EACHINE
  • Available in various colors and sets with model number E520S E520 as well as two control modes(MODE1&MODE2).
  • This is the remote control drone with a maximum flight of 14 to 16 minutes.
  • An electric drone with a charging power of 4V and will be fully charged in almost 120-150 minutes.
  • The helicopter drone always ready to go with a controller battery of 4 x 1.5 AAA.
  • It is user-friendly equipped with a low battery alarm, easy takeoff press buttons, and visible LED lights.
  • It has various purchasing packages including original box, control channels, charger, remote controllers, and operating instructions and equipped with USB cables.
  • Perfect gift for your kids, families, and friends to capture your special occasions.

Get your 4K/1080P HD drone camera at 2tx1.com at discount prices.

These products offer you a clear view and are safe to use. Get the best drone camera by contacting us at 2tx1.com.

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Visuo XS816 RC Drone Camera

Nowadays, drones have become more popular and can offer perfect images and videos very easily. The well-equipped drone cameras are really useful in providing aerial view of different locations. We have unique and best quality XS816 RC drone 4K dual camera with the following specifications:

  • This drone camera is made up of different plastic and metal
  • You can buy this awesome camera with dimensions of 44*44*6.5CM.
  • Best for aerial photography with a remote distance of 50M.
  • Its optical flow positioning property helps in maintaining a precise and accurate position during shooting.
  • The fast and reliable Helicopter type drone camera with controller mode MODE2 having model number VISUO XS816.
  • The drone with 20 minutes of flight and controlled by an efficient remote.
  • It occupies the battery with a 7V 1800mah charging voltage. And the best charging duration for a battery is from 60~90 minutes.
  • Four different types of control channels are present excluding the battery channel.
  • The electric remote control drone camera with USB cables and a brush motor.
  • The best source of enjoyment and fun for individuals above 14 years of age.
  • It has a warranty for 30days after delivery of the parcel.

So don’t waste your time and make your event memorable with our premium quality drone cameras but make sure to read out the complete manual carefully before flying.

Drones are usually unmanned aerial vehicle that can be controlled remotely.

It is usually involved in surveillance and military operations for any important information gathering work.

The quality of life is one step ahead by making videos through drone cameras and using them for personal or commercial purposes.

These are arranged and controlled by unmanned robots.

Currently, drone cameras are used to capture pictures of various important moments, starting from various Hollywood movies.

The civilian use of UAVs is growing very easily and rapidly, both personally and commercially.

These collect data through FPS or software and send it through specific program files.

In the case of video production, they are refining and expanding with the method of making films.

Recently, all these drones are being used to capture various footages that would otherwise require expensive cranes and helicopters.

Video is captured by light and fast drones so that the scenes can be easily captured and identified.

These devices are used in sports photography and real estate.

It also allows you to send information or services from one place to another very quickly.

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