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Eyeliner or eyeliner is a type of beauty product that is used to define a girl’s eyes.

It is used above or around the eyes in various aesthetic or styles. Th best product was first used in Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, or India to shape dark black lines around the eyes.

In addition to aesthetics, the Mesopotamians and Egyptians used a variety of cosmetics, including eyeliner, to protect their skin from the scorching desert sun.

It was also further speculated that the use of eyeliner could protect against the evil eye of the superpower.

The practice of putting black lines on the eye is seen in ancient Egyptian civilization.

Early in civilization, they made eyeliners with various materials including antimony copper ore.

Early in history, the widespread use of liquid eyeliners could be noticed which were used to create white and thick black lines.

The liner was added to Punk fashion and Goth fashion in the late twentieth century.

These are now associated with a variety of lifestyles as well as eyeliner subculture.

Product is used to brighten the daily makeup and increase the attractiveness as well as highlight various features.

This is can change the color of different parts of the eye.

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