2tx1 will give you an attractive look with our eyeshadow striking and elegant eyeshadow colors including the neon and glitter shadow pallets.

We have a diversity of eyeshadow colors that will provide you with a natural look and enhance your beauty at your party/ event. We assure the quality of our makeup products.

Eye shadow is primarily applied on the eyelids as a beauty product to make the eyes look more attractive.

Eye shadow can also be used to brow the bottom of the eyebrows.

Usually, eye shadow can add dimension and depth to the eye.

It works to enlarge someone’s eye or to attract the eye’s attention and as a complement to the eye color.

Through this, different textures of the eyes and different colors of the eye shadow come.

It is usually available in the market in the form of a mouse or cream, pencil, and liquid.

Like other beauty products, there are eye shadow looks and different styles and trends.

It has been widely used by women all over the world since ancient times and is sometimes used by some men.

In western society, these are only seen as beauty products for girls.

However, eye shadow or other decoration items are popular among both sexes in certain regions.

Eye shadow is in vogue in many countries, including India, for weeding and dancing platform.

This is used to brighten the eyelids, starting with silver or pink tones of the user’s choice.

Eye shadow can be applied in a variety of ways to create the look and desire of the face.

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