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Glitter is a special particle with small reflections that are expressed in different colors and sizes.

Each particle of glitter can reflect light in different directions with each surface shining.

Glitter is usually a little smaller.

Glitter has been made from a variety of glass-like materials, insects, mica, and malachite since ancient times.

Many types of glitter are now made from glossy plastic, which is why there are frequent calls from scientists to ban plastic.

Before was used as a beauty product decades ago, fabrics were used for knitting or sewing.

Other ingredients even edible glitter derived from glue ores are used by chefs to make cooking interesting.

This used as a cosmetic to enhance the brightness of nails and the face.

It is also used as a textured item, accessories, and color in craft and fine arts.

Among all the advantages, there are some disadvantages which are often associated with furniture, skin, clothing which creates uncomfortable conditions.

These are used for fishing by following the scales of the fish which attract the fish and catch them in the fishing load.

It also helps more attractive in front of mass people.

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