Lipstick are a fundamental part of our daily routine is offering you a collection of branded and intense color stunning lipsticks.

Lipsticks are a type of beauty product that provides protection, texture, and color to the lips.

There are many types of lipsticks available in the market in different colors and types.

Some lipsticks can work both hydration and color to make the lips more attractive.

Lipstick is usually between long and cylindrical containers that are about 50 mm long and 10 mm in diameter.

In ancient times there was a woman who was attracted to other girls known as lipstick lesbians.

The popularity of this lipstick gradually increased after its name. Lipstick contains emollients, antioxidants, oils, and waxes.

There are several waxes from which lipsticks can be made, such as candelabra, ozokerite, and various waxes that have high melting points.

Carnauba wax is a key ingredient in getting good quality lipstick.

Lipstick Quality

Lipsticks also use a variety of fat oils such as petroleum, lanolin, cocoa butter, mineral oil, and olive oil.

Filling agents such as silica are given. Matte lipsticks do not contain many emollients.

Some creams have lipsticks that do not contain wax, but long-lasting lipsticks contain silicone oil.

Some special oils are used to give the lips a shiny finish.

All lipstick products have effective moisturizer ingredients with matte finishes. Get your favorite color of charming lipsticks by ordering us at 2tx1.

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Long Lasting color can Remain in Daily, Difficult to fade. The watertight and Non-Stick lip of the cup may stop blot. Hydration and water replenishment Will Help you avoid sagging lips and maintain the lip moist. Three Distinct colours and tastes for you to choose.

  • Strong PS substance, not readily scaled with dust.
  • Multi-level layout, clean and simple to locate the colour you need .
  • Bright increased golden color, exceptional look, suited to lip gloss and lipstick.
  • Adding 10 portions of this package, fulfilling your different requirements.
  • Press type layouts, DIY cylindrical rainbow tubing, exquisite design.
  • Compact and miniature dimensions, convenient to fulfill you.
  • Convenient to put up 3.5gram lipstick, convenient DIY tool.

Best Organic Liptsick

These organic lipsticks possess a natural plant and oil base with colors that tend to be far more classically reddish or pink compared to our clay-based ground color assortment.

It leaves a colored pink ribbon and joyful lips.  Fantastic to get an on-the-go pick-up me; it is pliable when implemented without a mirror.

Be This subtle, shimmery color is a sheer & crimson taupe.  Based upon the lighting, you are going to notice flickers of lavender rose.

Sybil – A Beautiful pink color with a bit of iridescence and some shine.

Mine- this really is a profound, classy reddish with a subtle iridescence to help keep along with from appearing apartment.  A timeless!

Russet – An dark, rusty burgundy brown crimson.

Aromi natural lipsticks can be found in various colours – pick the color in these options.

Lipstick Colors Accessible:

Whether pink, pretty pink, pink patina, nude pink, berry fine, crimson, maroon, climbed burgundy, crazy russet. Perfect naked, sandbar, brewed coffee, coffee toffee, berry fuchsia, ash climbed, candy lilac. 100 percent organic, vegan, also Cruelty-free.

Vegan & Cruelty-free. 

This list is for Penis Lipstick – Too funny to not possess!  And you is going to soon be popular in your Party.

When the lid comes away there is certainly an entirely vertical little pecker, exquisitely step by step to the veins and veins.

Atomic Mirror Liquid Lip Sticks are devised to become long-wearing and watertight when staying comfortable to wear 6hours.  All these complete coverage, ultra-sour Lip Sticks are packed in a in a 4 ml vial which is included with a teardrop-shaped applicator for precise application.

In addition, we possess 1.5 m l sample-sized tubes out there.  Atomic Mirror Liquid Lipstick in the color Azrael is really a richly sour matte-black which provides full coverage color payoff in 1 swipe, also can be in your choice of dark chocolate orange truffle or tingly spearmint.

Argon Oil Lipstick

It’s created of the ounces of dried poppy plus it’s utilized to employ over the lips using a finger, or with a brush.  To get a moisturizing effect simply set a dip of Argan oil onto lips.

The Berber lipstick gives beauty and sensuality impacts to a own lips, a bit of natural and healthful colour that lasts quite a very long moment.

At Morocco, house of the very polluted Hamman, as well as the very relaxing massages, dwelling of henna as well as black soap.

The most eye into the biological elements, will be suspended in its own population.  The Aker Fassi is produced based on ancient customs that for years and years made but make the Berber lipstick a superb item.

Pink Mirage can be really a semi-sheer and full of shimmer frosted light pink lipstick, which is going to be a terrific addition to your own collection.  It’s practically pearlescent white with a bit of pink, and also can be reflective of lighting.

  • Insert a feeling on an own bottom lip to get a milder, soft coloration, or employ a couple of layers to lips to get a darker color.
  • It’s lightweight, nonoily, and provides your lips a healthier, soft, and moisturized appearance.
  • Shade might change depending upon your screen settings.
  • (we usually do not store someone of the services and products in stock ).
  • Put it as an example at a 3-G jar (1g of product), at a lip balm tube or being the full-size lipstick.

Best Magic Lipstick

Magic weathered color-shifting lipstick.  Made from pure pigments, argon oil, and chamomile.

Quite moisturizing, it alters to a shade that fits perfectly skin tone.  It seems pink or pink-based upon your own ph.

Persuasion can be actually a dusty and gorgeous color of lipstick having a matte finish and also a creamy feel.

Lipstick Color Guide:

Dusty increased As a way to reach the coloring our Matte Lip Sticks are pigmented with titanium dioxide and iron oxide.  It is possible to be certain Discrete Lipstick is vegan and also comprises no carmine or dyes.

No artificial or silicone flavors. simply fantastic color and moisture out of nature!

Rosehip Seed Oil is also famous to correct damaged, dry skin and promote cell regeneration.  A complete remedy to moisturize and smooth the lips!

This lipstick is produced of natural butter and plants trembling.  Be careful never to store it in heat.  Throughout the application, twist the bullet up just the trick is subjected to stop unnecessary strain.

Welcome into 2tx1 at which you may discover premium quality resilient matte lipstick that’ll make you feel beautiful and convincing. This formula may be your absolute best it will not depart from your lips warm.

These lipsticks are watertight and high pigmented we’re here in order to meet all of your lipstick desires strain me personally for most questions or requests invite you for approaching…


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