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Shoes are special covers for wearing on the feet which are used to comfort people and protect the feet.

Shoes on the other hand are used for fashion items and decorations.

There are many differences in the external beauty of shoes due to the different cultural diversity in the world.

In many cases, traditional designs are seen to be followed during these designs.

In many cases, high shoes or flats are made with fashion in mind. Different designs or styles of shoes have been introduced for decades.

Basic shoes or sandals are usually straps and thinner ones that are available in the market at much lower prices.

Shoes made with some famous designs or good quality fashion shoes are made with many expensive materials.

These are sold at much higher prices in the market due to their complex construction system.

Some shoes are specially made for skiing and mountaineering to provide some safety from any accident.

Traditional shoes have been made of canvas, wood, or leather since about the twentieth century.

Since the twentieth century, the practice of making shoes from materials collected from plastics, rubber, and other growing petrochemicals has begun.

Although it is seen that the human body can adapt to a variety of hazardous environments such as extreme hot and cold temperatures.

The use of men shoes reduces health risks.

Shoes from formal and casual collections are generally very popular and can be worn almost anywhere in taste.

Types: Nike, Adidas, dress, Gucci, Jordan, casual, to wo shoe size, running, basketball, puma.

Tennis, new balance, vans, water, Aldo, Louis Vuitton, golf, sale, slip-on, under armour.

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