Mosquito Killer Lamp usually disturbs your sleep at night. So enjoy your peaceful sleep by keeping our reliable mosquito killer lamp in your bedroom.

Its powerful light attracts the mosquitoes and kills the insects by trapping them.

Mosquito control generally controls the population by reducing human consumption, economy, and health.

Mosquito outbreaks are more common in tropical areas, which pose a threat to public health.

Diseases such as the deadly Zika and Malaria viruses can spread rapidly in the environment through mosquitoes.

A zapper bug is commonly known as an electrical insect control system or an electronic insect killer.

It is a device that attracts flying mosquitoes or other insects to the light and kills them with electric shocks.

It is a light source where insects or mosquitoes are electrified by high voltage by touching two wires.

To protect humans or other large animals from high voltage shocks, the internal electrical wires are placed in a protective sheath between the rubber or plastic shells.

It can emit ultraviolet rays from the light source inside which can attract and make mosquitoes visible in different ways.

The mosquito killer lamp is wrapped around the light in the form of a spiral or grid.

High voltage capacitors and diodes are used to ensure the safe flow of electricity from the main supply.

To control mosquitoes, it transmits high voltage electricity to the body of the mosquito, which is also very dangerous for humans.

2tx1 possesses everything that you need. We hope our safe and eco-friendly products will make your life comfortable.

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