10/15 Pcs Makeup Brushes Tool Set Cosmetic Powder Eyeshadow

10/15 Pcs Makeup Brushes Tool Set Cosmetic Powder Eyeshadow

10/15 Pcs Makeup Brushes Tool Set Cosmetic Powder Eyeshadow



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10/15 pcs makeup brushes tool set cosmetic powder eyeshadow are High-quality material, high-density bristles, and high-quality synthetic fiber hair do not shed.

Soft and silky to the touch, the brushes are dense and well shaped.

Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set – Amazing Quality, Great Price!
silky smooth Makes applying makeup a luxurious experience.

BS-MALL Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set is perfect for both beginners and professional makeup artists.

Five different types of brushes (Angular, Round, Flat, Tapered, Angled Flat) provide easy and professional basic cosmetic foundation solutions.

For example, the angled makeup brush is perfect for coloring and bronzing. The small flat brush is for spot concealer.

Set of 15 brushes for professional use. Combined synthetic hair and fiber optics that cover all necessary uses. Cruelty-free, suitable for vegan and sensitive skin.
1- Liquid and creamy foundation brush: Get an extensive and uniform application, allowing you to reach difficult areas. Area of ​​use: Face.
2- Powder brush: Optimal for the application of compact and/or loose powders. Area of ​​use: Face.
3- Blush Brush: Beveled format to correctly apply creamy or powder blush. Area of ​​use: Face.
4- Eyebrow brush: Comb and shape the eyebrows. Area of ​​use: Eyebrows.
5- Liner Brush: Allows maximum precision in outlines and profiles. Area of ​​use: Eyes/ Eyebrows.
6- Blender shader: Rounded dense brush ideal for blending and blending shadows. Area of ​​use: Eyes.
7- Smudge eyeshadow: Short and compact hair brush for a precise application of shadows. Area of ​​use: Eyes.
8- Diagonal tip shader: Its format facilitates a precise application from the tear duct. Area of ​​use: Eyes.
9- Lip brush: Ideal contour for the precise application of lacquers and/or lipsticks. Area of ​​use: Lips.
10-Concealer brush: Applies uniform liquid and creamy concealers. Area of ​​use: Face and eyes.
11- Polishing brush: A delicate combination of fibers. Ideal for mixing textures for a natural and luminous finish. Area of ​​use: Face.
12- Eyeshadow: Multipurpose and basic. Spread the shadows on the eyelid. Area of ​​use: Eye.
13- Highlighter Brush: Ideal for applying powder highlighter on the temples, nose, and chin; in addition to helping to blur shadow marks on the eyelid. Area of ​​use: Face.
14- Deep blender brush: Its compact and dense makeup is ideal for quickly achieving an expressive eye look and spreading pigments delicately. Area of ​​use: Eye.
15- Contouring brush: Compact brush to perform contouring and sculpting techniques in a precise and structured way, with cream or powder formulas. Area of ​​use: Face.
16- Brooch: Its set presentation has an adjustable blanket, a format adaptable to the comfort of use.
All beauty tools are fiber optic; this allows them to be used with any makeup (powder, liquid, creamy and glossy).


This is the most suitable type of brush, it does not matter if the hair is a natural or synthetic fiber, because the latter are very successful and are also usually cheaper.

Make sure it is flat and has a rounded tip.


Professional makeup artists apply it with short, angled brushes, like this one, because they’re so precise.

It can be used with both liquid and cream eyeliner and allows for several different types of finishes, depending on the shape of your eye or the occasion for which you apply makeup.


Round and flat, these are the main characteristics that a brush must have to be suitable for sun powder.

The kabuki type is the most used and, in addition, they usually come in a mini format, so they are ideal to carry in your bag.


This brush is very practical because it is two-in-one. The wide part is used to apply the foundation to the outer area of ​​the face, while the smaller part is used to apply the concealer and make up the most angular areas, such as the nose and the contour of the mouth.


If you use a powder blush, yes or yes, you need a good brush with which to apply it. It must be long-haired and slightly beveled to spread it better.

Notice that it has a large amount of hair and that it is very soft. This is what will make the blush blend properly.


Don’t apply eyeshadow with your fingers or the sponges that are often included in multi-tone palettes.

Choose a soft brush with a rounded tip that allows you to blend them well and create the smoky effect that you have been dreaming of for so long.


Another double brush that is very practical. With the comb part, you can place the eyebrow hairs so that they are all in their place and even if you want, use it to separate the eyelashes.

With the other part, apply a shadow of the same tone as the hair in the most sparse areas to give them a greater presence and frame your gaze.


Avoid using the lipstick directly on the skin, do it with a brush. First, outline the contour of the mouth and then fill in.

In this way, in addition to painting your lips with greater precision (ideal if you use a dark shade), the color will not move and will remain impeccable for longer.


The key to succeeding with this type of brush is that they are rounded and long so that they allow the product to be applied without marking the wrinkles.

To use it, impregnate the brush and shake it a little to remove excess product. Then, smooth it gently all over your face.

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Blusher, Concealer, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, FOUNDATION, Lip, Powder, Sets & Kits, Eyelashes, Bronzer Brush, Sculpting Brush, Highlighter Brush, Eyebrow brush

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