52 PCS LED Desk Lamp 5 Color Touch USB Chargeable Night Light

52 PCS LED Desk Lamp 5 Color Touch USB Chargeable Night Light

52 PCS LED Desk Lamp 5 Color Touch USB Chargeable Night Light



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52 PCS LED Desk Lamp 5 Color Touch USB Chargeable Night Light

A LED desk lamp is a lighting fixture that illuminates your hands brightly when reading or studying. Products have been released by many manufacturers, and there are various types such as fashionable designs, eye-friendly types, and cordless. This time, we will introduce how to choose a desk light and recommended desk lights, so please refer to it.

Best LED Desk Lamp

The light sources of desk lights are mainly LEDs and fluorescent lamps. In recent years, LEDs with a long life have become the mainstream. The LED desk lamp type uses a semiconductor that directly converts current into light, and is smaller, has a longer life, and saves power than fluorescent lamps.

In addition, the light does not get hot easily, so even children can use it with peace of mind. On the other hand, the fluorescent lamp type is attractive because it is reasonably priced.

For brightness, pay attention to “brightness when hitting a desk lamp”

The brightness of the light source of the desk light is expressed in lm (lumen). Basically, 300-400 lumens is a guide. If your hands are too bright, you will get tired, so be careful.

In addition, the display of illuminance, which is the brightness when light hits the desk, is expressed in lx (lux). 400-500 lux is recommended for studying and reading.

Select the installation method according to the application and the place of use

“Stand type” is easy to start using

The stand type is a type that can be used by placing it on a desk. If you have a flat surface and a power supply, you can easily move it anywhere you use it.

It is necessary to secure a certain amount of space, but it has a sense of stability and is characterized by being able to move as it is when you want to change the direction of the led desk lamp light. The stand type is recommended for those who often move from one place to another.

“Clip type” is easy to handle in places other than desks

The clip type is a type of desk light that is clipped on the top plate of a led desk lamp. It is easy to install, has a small installation area, and saves space, so it has the advantage of being able to be used widely on a desk. Recommended for children who study with their learning tools spread out on their desks and for those who work from home while looking at various documents.

In addition, the feature is that the clip can be clipped to the edge of the bed. It is also ideal for bedside reading lamps and kitchen counter lighting.

“Clamp type” saves space and can be used widely for desks

The clamp type is a type of desk light that fixes the base to the top plate of the desk with bolts. Since the installation area is minimal, the advantage is that the desk can be used as widely as possible. It is suitable for those who draw large drawings, designers, and model makers.

Also, since the clamp type can be firmly fixed to the desk, it is also a point that it is hard to fall off with a slight impact. Recommended for those who always use it in the same place.

Presence or absence of power cord

Most led desk lamp lights are AC-powered and basically require an outlet. The length of the cord varies depending on the product, so check the distance between the installation location and the outlet.

Some models have an AC adapter on the outlet side, so you need to check if there is room around the outlet. We also have a lineup of USB power supply types and cordless types for outdoor activities and disasters.

If dimming and toning are possible, it can be used properly in the scene.

Dimming is a function that can change the brightness, and toning is a function that can change the color. With this function, it is possible to change the brightness and color according to the purpose of use.

By adjusting the brightness according to the environment and appearance of the room, your eyes will not get tired easily. On the other hand, it is best to choose a color that is close to white when studying or doing detailed work, and a gentle color that is close to yellow before going to bed.

Desk light recommendations

A stylish LED desk light with a classical design. The rated luminous flux is 506 lumens and the illuminance just below the center is 1283 lux, which is suitable for those who prefer bright lighting.

The installation method is a clamp type that allows a large work space. A hexagon wrench for installation is also included. This model is recommended not only for remote work desks but also for DIY enthusiasts who want to create a work LED desk Lamp with a unique atmosphere.

Features of LED Desk Lamp

  • Maximum power: 6W
  • Light source: 26 PCS Light
  • Colors: 2 colors light
  • Rated voltage: DC5V
  • Rated current: 1A
  • Luminous flux: 450Lm
  • Time: soft light about 10 hours
  • Color rendering index: Ra is greater than 80
  • Material: aluminum, iron, plastic
  • Switch type: touch
  • Light source: LED
  • Packing size: 40.5*11.5*4CM

Additional information

Brand Name


Is Bulbs Included


Model Number


Switch Type

Touch On/Off Switch




ce, FCC

Shade Type



usb rechargeable/battery

Body Material

ABS, iron



Light Source

LED Bulbs

Item Type

Desk Lamps


1 year



Power Source


Is Dimmable


Base Type



silver, red, black

input voltage





Aluminum iron ABS





Color temperature

White light warm light natural light

battery power

2000mah/plug in


desk lamp, table light, decoration light

bulb quanlities



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