Aluminum Protable Camera Mobile Phone holder Tripod


Aluminum Protable Camera Mobile Phone holder Tripod

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Tripod For Camera Mobile Phone Holder 42 Inch With Remote Control

A “tripod” that is useful when shooting with a camera or video camera. It is a convenient item to have, such as suppressing camera shake and making it easier to shoot at your favorite angle. There are various models of tripods, such as those for single-lens reflex cameras, video cameras, and smartphones, so it is necessary to select the appropriate type depending on the equipment used.

Therefore, this time, we have picked up recommended tripods for each purpose.

Aluminum material is a tripod for beginners that can be purchased at a low price. Since the main body is light and suitable for carrying, it is recommended for those who want to reduce the weight of luggage and shooting with a lot of movement. On the other hand, there are disadvantages such as stability and being easily affected by vibration, but there are models that have been eliminated by making it a little heavier.

Best high load capacity

Low-priced models may have a high load capacity, so if you have a large lens or camera, consider your budget and choose one that can withstand the weight.

Not only is Aluminum lightweight, it is a tripod with a high sense of stability that does not easily transmit vibrations and cause blurring. The price is higher than that of aluminum alloy, but it is a feature that many people are particular about shooting.

Taking advantage of the strong legs, the stone bag can lower the center of gravity and stabilize it. This material is recommended for those who are thinking about full-scale shooting and those who are looking for a tripod to use for important events.

Check the number of steps

The legs of the tripod can be stored compactly and are generally either 3 or 4 tiers. A four-tiered tripod fits compactly when folded. If you have a lot of other equipment such as a camera and want to travel a long distance, we recommend a compact 4-stage tripod.

On the other hand, if you want to be stable when shooting, choose a tripod with three thick legs at the bottom. In places where there are undulations at your feet, you may need to adjust the length of each leg, and the thicker the legs, the more stable the equipment.

Nut lock

The nut lock is a fixing method that turns the nut and tightens the leg. The nut is set so as to cover the circumference of the leg, and it is an advantage that the tightening condition can be adjusted from any position, front, back, left and right. It is circular and can be stored compactly without protruding, so it is convenient when you want to use it while carrying around.

However, since the nut needs to be turned by hand, the disadvantage is that it takes time to set. Also, it is difficult to check if it is locked firmly, so check it properly before use.

Lever lock

The lever lock is a type that opens and closes the lever to fix the leg. The advantage is that you can set it quickly by simply pushing down the lever. Since it is easy to check whether it is locked at the position of the lever, you can prevent it from being inadvertently used when it is not fixed.

If the lever is loosened, it can be re-tightened with a wrench and adjusted, making it an excellent type for ease of use.


Noblock is fixed by turning the knob. This type is often used in older models. Since it is necessary to turn the screw by hand, it takes time to set up like the nut lock, but you can make fine adjustments.

Because it can be produced at low cost, it is attractive because it is reasonably priced. However, be aware that the screws themselves may break due to repeated tightening of the screws.

Ultra lock

Ultra lock is a lock mechanism developed by Velbon that rotates and fixes the pipe. The pipe itself is a locking device, and it does not require a lever or nut lock. It’s not bulky, so it’s also an advantage that it can be carried compactly.

The whole can be locked just by turning the tip of the leg, enabling quick setting. However, it may not be partially locked, and it is difficult to judge at a glance whether it is locked. It’s compact and quick to set up, but it takes some getting used to at first.

Check “head” for operability

Type and load capacity

When choosing a tripod, it is important to check the type of pan head and load capacity.

There are three types of pan heads, and the “2WAY pan head” allows you to move the installed camera in two directions, horizontal and vertical. This type is recommended for panoramic photos and video recording.

The “3WAY head” can be moved from horizontal to vertical in addition to horizontal and vertical. The high versatility that allows fine adjustment is attractive, and it is suitable for those who want to emphasize the prevention of camera shake.

The “free platform” is also called the pole platform. Horizontal, vertical, vertical and horizontal can all be operated with the dial, and can be freely adjusted by the built-in spherical adjustment mechanism.

Please note that the load capacity of the pan head is determined by the model. To prevent the product from tipping over or falling, we recommend the type with a sufficient load capacity.

Easy to install with quick shoe type

There are two types of mounting methods for the camera and pan head: screw type and quick shoe type.

The screw type is often used for inexpensive tripods. The price is easy to pick up, but it takes time because you have to turn the screw every time you set the camera.

On the other hand, the quick shoe can be easily set by lever operation. If you set the connection plate on the bottom of the camera in advance, you can quickly attach and detach it. It’s more expensive than the screw type, but if you use a tripod frequently, a model that supports quick shoes is convenient.

With or without height adjustment

The height of the tripod can also be adjusted with the center pole under the pan head. If the model is equipped with an elevator, it is convenient because it can be extended upward simply by turning the handle on the side. Another feature is that the legs can be adjusted higher than when they are fully extended.

However, be aware that the higher the height, the less stable it will be. It is recommended to use it in situations where height is absolutely necessary.

Take a picture without tilt with a “level”

Models with a spirit level are useful when you want to keep the level accurate. In particular, accuracy is required when composing a picture of a landscape or building.

Depending on the model such as a digital single-lens camera, it may have a built-in spirit level, but a simple type is common. If you want to be more accurate, we recommend the model with a spirit level on the pan head.

Check the “body size” if you want to take it for mountaineering or traveling

If you want to carry as little luggage as possible, it is important to check the size of the main unit. When using it for mountaineering or traveling, a mini tripod that does not take up space or a travel tripod that can be folded back is convenient. Check the folded dimensions to see if it can be stored in a backpack or bag.

In addition, it would be even more convenient to have a storage bag that can store the main body and other parts together. Some models come with a special bag, so please check it out.

Checkpoints for each device used

The balance between “lightness” and “load capacity” is important for SLR cameras.

When setting a heavy camera such as a single-lens reflex camera, the balance between the weight of the main unit and the load capacity is important. Since the load capacity of the tripod is set for each model, it is recommended to check the weight of the camera and lens to be used before using it. If a load exceeding the load capacity is applied, it may tip over or be damaged. Also, check the weight of the tripod body. Lighter models are more portable, but less stable.

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