Hot Selling Solid/Glitter Color Women Nail Wraps Stickers Full Cover

Hot Selling Solid Glitter Color Women Nail Wraps

Nail Wraps, which allow you to enjoy full-fledged nail art just by sticking them on your nails, can be said to be an important item that can show off your unique fashion along with makeup and fashion. It’s easy to put on and take off, so you can enjoy a one-day nail design.

Not only can you buy a wide variety of Nail Wraps, such as 100, but you can also easily make your own original Nail Wraps. It is also possible to create originality by matching with events and trends, and using pictures of pets.

You can easily complete detailed art and illustrations just by pasting it, so it is also recommended for those who are selfish and struggling with art nails with their dominant hand. Introducing how to use and make Nail Wraps for women that are convenient and cost effective, and how to store Nail Wraps.

How to use Nail Wraps for women well?

A nail sticker that allows you to easily enjoy your favorite cute designs without going to the salon.

However, if you apply a nail sticker with gel, will it float even if you try to embed it? For one-point type Nail Wraps for women, after finishing the base, apply color gel and allow time for it to harden. If you stick a sticker at this time, it will cause floating, so be careful. Once the color gel has hardened, apply a thin coat of top gel and cure it again to complete the base design once.

After the top gel has dried, sand it a little from above to scratch it. Apply the sticker at this stage. Press firmly with your fingertips to prevent air from entering and wrinkling. At this time, if you make a notch in the nail sticker in advance, it will naturally fit into the curve of the nail. Apply a small amount of gel to the end of each seal and cure immediately to temporarily fix it.

Apply top gel, cure, and wipe off excess uncured gel to complete. Keep in mind that trying to embed the seal before applying the color gel and finishing it on the top will cause it to float. It will take some time, but if you finish it with a top coating and put a sticker after sanding, it will be beautiful and will last a long time.

The full-face design type nail sticker is difficult to follow the curve of the nail, so it is easy for air to enter and wrinkle. Even if you try to disguise the wrinkles by applying a top coat or gel coating on top of it, more air will enter from the wrinkles and it will become dirty. Choosing a flexible sticker is also a key to successful application.

Also remember the tips on how to apply a wrap sheet type nail sticker. Before applying the sticker, wipe off the oil on your nails with ethanol. If you choose a size that is 0.5 to 1.0 mm smaller than the size of your nails and paste it, it will be less likely to wrinkle, so be careful when choosing the size.

Press hard with your fingertips to fix the nail and seal, then scrape off the excess. Since it is easy to peel off from the tip of the nail, press it firmly again at the end to fix it. It is clearly stated that some Nail Wraps for women do not require a top coat, but applying a top coat makes it harder to remove and gives a glossy feel, so the final finish is Try to use a top coat.

Easy to make! How to make a nail Wraps For Women

If you master how to make your own Nail Wraps that can easily rank up your self-nail, your nail life will become even more enjoyable. I don’t draw pictures or designs myself, so even clumsy people who don’t have a sense of art can easily make them. There are various methods, so let’s make an original nail sticker with the method that suits you best.

The first is a nail sheet that uses a transfer sheet. The major features are that the print is clear and the illustration is less distorted. Transfer sheets for nails are easy to obtain, so if you buy them in bulk, you can often make a large amount of copse. What you need to prepare is a transfer sheet, a personal computer, and a printer. We recommend using a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer. There are two types of transfer sheets, a white mount and a transparent sticker. Connect your computer to the net and search for the image you want to use as a sticker.

Recently, there are many free materials that collect data for nail sheets, so you can easily obtain them. After selecting the image, open it using software and set the white mount sheet in the printer to print. Allow time for the ink to dry. If you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer. Stick a transparent sheet on the printed mount and make it adhere firmly. At this time, it is important to carefully stretch it so that air does not enter and wrinkle. The completed nail sheet is cut with scissors and ready for use.

Purchase Nail Wraps

Nail Wraps can also be made using masking tape that can be purchased at 100%. Due to the wide range of uses and popularity of masking tape, there are so many different designs these days.

Not only is it reasonably priced, but it can also be used partially, entirely, or combined, making it a perfect material for nail sheets. What you need to prepare is your favorite masking tape, base coat, and top coat. Cut the masking tape to a size one size larger than the size of the nail, attach it to the nail, and draw a guideline according to the shape of the nail with a pencil or the like.

If you cut it with scissors or a nail file according to the guidelines, you are ready to go. After applying the base coat and drying, put masking tape on your nails and apply the top coat on top of it. You can also make Nail Wraps using the cooking sheets used in cooking. What you need to prepare is a cooking sheet, nail polish, base coat, top coat, and tweezers. Draw a design on the parchment paper with nail polish and let it dry.

Place it on your nails with the base coat and apply the top coat over it. A little bit of art is required, but if you use a heat-resistant cooking sheet, you can also make a sticker with gel nails.

Beautifully organized! How to store Nail Wraps

Nail Wraps come in a variety of designs, even if they are 100-yen, so you can easily get them. In order to enjoy changing the design every day, various variations are required, so it is likely that the sheets that are not used up will accumulate, and when you notice it, it will become a considerable amount.

It is common to throw the package with the sticker into the letter case or storage case as it is, and it is difficult to find the sheet you want to use, and you can no longer even grasp the sheet you have. Also, it takes a lot of time and effort to take it out of the package when using it and then put it back in the package when it is finished. I thought about how to store such a nail sticker neatly. The point is that the sticker can be checked at a glance and that it is easy to put in and take out.

You can purchase even 100-yen albums of the transparent file type, which looks like a series of clear files. All you have to do is take the nail sheet out of the package and put it in a transparent file. Not only can you find the sheet you are looking for by flipping through the album files, but you can also easily put it in and out. The lack of a package can save a lot of storage space.

If you store them by category such as flowers, stars, characters, etc., you can quickly select them according to the mood of the day. Furthermore, if you use a loose notebook type with a ring, you can easily insert an additionally purchased nail sheet into the category, which is convenient.

For those who want to keep the package, we also recommend the transparent plastic card case and trending card case that can be purchased for 100 yen. The size fits perfectly and there are partitions, so you don’t have to organize them to get messed up.

This method is recommended for those who do not have a large collection of nail sheets, but if the number of filing albums and card cases increases, it is a good idea to use a drawer-type storage case. If you put it together with nail items such as nail polish, polish, and brush, you can put together a set of nail tools so you don’t have to worry about losing them. If you use a portable make-up box to make it portable, you can easily enjoy your nails on the go.

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