Water Proof Hair Line Powder Color Shadow Concealer Root Cover Up



Water Proof hairline powder in hair color Edge control Hair Line Shadow Makeup Hair Concealer Root Cover Up Unisex Instantly. Temporary Root Touch Up (Black/Brown) Hair Concealer /Root Cover Up -Instant gray coverage that leaves your hair soft and manageable.


fatty acid triglycerides, floor wax, beeswax, oxidized vegetable oils, polyethylene, caprylic/capric triglyceride, Ethylhexyl palmitate, bismuth oxychloride, CI77499, CI77510, vitamin E, propylparaben, rose extract.

  • Instant temporary hair color for light, dark or gray roots.
  • Paraben, sulfate & peroxide free
  • Easy application-applies in less than a minute!
  • Won’t damage hair
  • Fills in and Volumizes thinning hair.


Open small puff dipped in the right amount, along untidy hair root dipped gently tap, fill out the neat hairline. Or pat shadow powder from shallow to deep at the edge of the hairline, extending hair feeling. According to the individual situations to select the color fill.

Brand Name


Production License

hair powder-czv520

Item Type

Hair Loss Product


Hair Line Shadow Powder


1 pcs


4G hair line powder

Model Number

Hair Line Shadow Powder


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