Bath Towel Cap

2tx1 provides the pretty bath towel cap made of high quality, skin-friendly, and super soft microfiber stuff. We have a great diversity of adorable bath towel for hair or newborn baby purpose.

Get your required bath towel cap by contacting us. We hope you will be 100% satisfied with our top quality products.

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Bath Towel cap is a type of cap used to dry hair after bathing. It can also be used to prevent hair from getting wet during bathing.

It is worn on the head of children as a crown which prevents water or shampoo from falling on eyes during bathing.

Bath towel caps are usually designed with several layers of water-absorbing materials.

It always has an elastic edge to hold it in a certain place in the middle of the head so that it can stay in a certain position.

The towel cap is commonly used to treat hair masks, hair follicles or to cover the entire head.

It can also be stuck in the heat so that it is used for drying or treatment. The crowns are often used to dry the hair after bathing.

These are used as important tools for hair spa. These bath towel caps are worn when using face masks at the spa and before hair spa.

These are usually perfect for drying both hair and body because they are water absorbent, soft in shape, very light, and comfortable to wear.

They are available in different sizes and designs which are interesting and dazzling to look at.

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