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A shirt is a garment that covers the upper part of the body, extending from the neck to the waist.

This a dress used exclusively for exclusive men that is all over the world.

The shirt is a catch-all-term for underwear and bodywear. In many parts of the world, including the British, the shirt is just a dress with a collar.

Shirt also has sleeves and buttons with cuffs that are otherwise available as vertical openings.

Another t-shirt or shirt can also be worn under the shirt according to different styles.

A shirt is a dress that has a button-up shirt with a button-up and collar, a button-up front.

A button-down shirt that is fully open at the front and buttoned.

There is a button-down collar in the middle of the down shirt. There is a collar attached to one end of the button.

Shirts are usually hand-knitted or made by combining different yarns. Often it can be worn with formal wear, suit, jacket or tie.

Available casual collections of shirts can be worn to any party or occasion traditionally among mass people.

Formal shirts are usually worn with formal pants.

From a cultural point of view, shirts have long been worn by boys, but now they are also worn by girls.

Through the use of certain terms with some small changes, it has become known as the bearer and carrier of shirt culture.

Traditional shirts are now very popular among the elite.

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